Brow shaping

Our L’indulgence Brow Bars offer a one of a kind brow shaping service that uses shaping stencils to accurately shape your brows to the measurements of your face during a full 30 minute service. We believe it is one thing to shape your brows perfectly but to also teach you how to style them using renowned professional products.


This unique method is also applied to our Brow Feathering service for a semi-permanent result – please see our Brow Feathering page for more information.

Waxing or Threading?

This is a very common question asked by many clients.

Threading is originally a Middle Eastern/European hair removal technique that uses a strand of thread, when twisted correctly is run over the skin to pick up unwanted hair and remove it from the follicle, out.

Threading is designed for course, thick and stubborn hair.

The golden wax rule is to never wax the same area more than once! Doing so increases the risk of a wax burn. Any hair left behind can only be tweezed.

However, as threading does not take the top layer of skin with it, you can continuously go over areas until desired results are achieved. 

The simple answer comes down to your hair and skin type.

Over sensitive skin, prone to wax burns = threading

Course, thick or stubborn hair = threading

If none of the above affects you, then waxing is the way to go!

Always ask your Brow Specialist for their recommendation or for any advice

First Visit

30 minute Shaping Service

Waxing, Threading or Tweezing


Waxing, Threading or Tweezing


Follow-up Visit

Other services

Men’s tidy up                $20.00

Lash tinting                   $20.00

Party lashes                   $30.00

with your Brow Shape:

Brow tinting                   $11.00

Facial hair removal by waxing or threading $11.00 per section


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